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It’s Your Time…Use It Well

Time is not something you need to waste. Why spend hours in line at the security check points, waiting for your plane to arrive, boarding lines, check-in lines, and even baggage claims? The average person spends two hours pre-flight and one-hour post flight using traditional airlines – that is three hours on top of the travel time.

By using charter flights from Houston through Thunderbird Airways, Inc. you get the convenience of arriving just minutes before your flight and you don’t have to waste hours or deal with the crowds at baggage claim upon arrival. You get direct flights to thousands of airports throughout the United States – including those that not all big airlines service. That means more opportunities to arrive to your final destination without connections and most importantly, without wasting time.

Charter Jets In Houston Are Efficient

Charter jets are efficient because they eliminate delays. When you hire a charter jet in Houston, you:

You can even host a business meeting while in-flight on a charter – something you cannot do on a traditional airplane.

Charter A Plane In Houston For Your Safety

If you are concerned about safety, there is no need to worry. When you charter a plane in Houston through Thunderbird Airways, Inc. you get an experienced, courteous staff and pilots that are some of the best in the business. Our aircraft are maintained with the highest standards and meet or exceed all requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our flight crews are not just friendly – they are professionals and have thousands of hours of flight experience.

Notice the Difference in Thunderbird Airways, Inc.’s Service

When you charter flights from Houston, choose Thunderbird Airways, Inc. Our clients continue to use us because they know they can rely on our service and staff. If you have not flown with us, you haven’t flown at all.

Thunderbird Airways, Inc. provides exclusive, customized services to our clientele. Just some of the things you can expect with us include:

See for yourself the difference a quality charter jet in Houston can make. Contact the team at Thunderbird Airways, Inc. today to schedule your charter jet.

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