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Whether you currently own an aircraft or are planning to acquire one, Thunderbird offers a comprehensive and personalized aircraft management program that will simplify your ownership. Allowing Thunderbird to manage your aircraft will give you the freedom to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of your aircraft without the typical hassles and headaches that normally accompany ownership of the aircraft. We take on the burden of the time consuming administrative, regulatory, and operational details of aircraft ownership.

If you are looking to offset some of your ownership costs, you might want to consider offering your aircraft for charter on Thunderbird’s FAA approved Air Carrier Certificate. When not being used by the aircraft owner, some aircraft can generate enough revenue to offset operating costs (fuel, hangar storage, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, charts, pilot salaries, training, etc.) and still have funds available to go toward the financing of the aircraft.

Substantial savings are realized with management services provided by Thunderbird Airways. Because of synergy, it is more economical and efficient to operate multiple aircraft than to operate only one. Discounts negotiated for the fleet are always passed down to our aircraft owners. Our commitment is to handle managing all aspects of your aircraft as if it were our own. We will seek to generate the maximum income (if on charter), to preserve the aircraft for maximum resale value, to operate the aircraft at the least possible cost and trouble, while maintaining its availability for your use and enjoyment.

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